#2 pom pom

photo (30)I made myself another hat – after realizing that after all this time, I have knitted myself only one … the horror! I also realized that I needed a hat with a pompom on top, et voila 🙂 Made up pattern with a fluffy pompom, nice and cosy.

Now I’m working on a couple of projects to reduce my ravelry queue – wish me luck 🙂 Happy Tuesday everyone! xx

3 thoughts on “#2 pom pom

  1. MsTegan says:

    I love your hats. I crochet but as far as hobbies go it’s pretty back burner. I make amigurumi but have never made anything wearable. kudos!

  2. stripemylife says:

    My ravelry queue is ridiculous. I think if it was free I put it in the library. It has over 600 projects in it. Good luck with you efforts.

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