#4 traveling cable hat

Hi again everyone, what a lovely Tuesday to knit and blog about knitting. 🙂 I am proud to present to you , my traveling cable hat.

4aI have been telling myself that I need to do some serious stashbusting before I can allow myself to buy some new yarn (sound familiar?) and so I dug up these grey and white yarns, which I am pretty sure my grandmother gave to me when I told her I had taken up knitting. By themselves the strands would have been too thin, but I like how the colour turned out when I knitted them together. It’s a very soft colour which is perfect for autumn and late winter.

The pattern worked up very nicely, but I did find myself struggle over the cables sometimes. I have to work on loosening my stitches when I am doing cables, rather than making everything so tight. Luckily the yarn is quite forgiving and stretches once you wear it a couple of times. So voila 🙂 I quite like it, I’ve never made a project with such extensive cable patterning before. I tried to get the cat to be my model, but he wasn’t having it.

I’m so glad I’ve started knitting again, I had forgotten how calming I find it.

Have a lovely day!

project #1 and downsizing to 110

Hi everyone,

12540413_10154073481500283_1747664193_ntadaaa I finished my first project of 2016 (even though I am a couple of days late as I wanted to post on the 15th). I was going to make a hat for my friend in Montreal (the same one I made these leggings for), and I gave her a couple of pattern options. She chose for the Declan hat pattern, by Samantha Kirby. It’s a pretty simple knit, and I like the pattern it created in the end. I don’t know why it took me so long to complete this project, I guess life happened.

In other news, I have downsized my ravelry queue to contain only 110 possible future projects – what a feat! I am pretty pleased with myself, but there is still a lot to be done before I can start to add new projects to the queue. Add me on ravelry of you want, I’m “nikske”.

Let’s see what project #2 will be – 110 things to choose from! 😀

#2 pom pom

photo (30)I made myself another hat – after realizing that after all this time, I have knitted myself only one … the horror! I also realized that I needed a hat with a pompom on top, et voila 🙂 Made up pattern with a fluffy pompom, nice and cosy.

Now I’m working on a couple of projects to reduce my ravelry queue – wish me luck 🙂 Happy Tuesday everyone! xx

Candy Red Apple Eight

#8 b

Hi again!

It did not take me too long to post another project this time. It was my friend’s birthday recently, and I had promised her that I would make her something – knit her something. She is on exchange in Ireland for a term, and so I thought it would be nice to make her a ‘candy apple red’ scarf for autumn.

Braided Scarf

I like to find my patterns on ravelry.com, and on my quest for a pattern I came across a “braided scarf” which called for cables in the front as well as cables in the back. I have never done such complicated cables before, so I went ahead and casted on 30 stitches to start. The beginning is a simple 2×2 rib pattern, and then the braiding begins. I got a little confused in the beginning, but after I figured out the cable-ing pattern it was smooth sailing. I am very pleased with the end result, and can’t wait to send it my friend’s way. The only thing I would have done different is perhaps do the 2×2 rib pattern on a smaller size needle and use bigger needles for the braided section, as the cables make the knitting tighter.

On to the next project  🙂    Have a wonderful day everyone!!