#10 It’s getting cold over here

Hi everyone 🙂

#29cFinally a knitting post. It has been a while since I last posted I know. As an exchange student it is harder to find the time to sit down and knit when there is so much stuff out there to explore (besides uni work). In Australia the seasons are reversed, as so we are now going in to winter. It is beautiful, with all the leaves turning colour and falling down, yet the breeze is getting colder and you have to wear an extra layer at night. In my excitedness to come here I did not pack a scarf – the perfect excuse to knit myself another shawl. Finally, after a month, I have completed the Ashton shawl (which can be found on ravelry).

#29bI love the colour of this scarf. If you go through all my previous posts, it becomes clear that I do not often work with green, mainly because green is not my favourite colour. I decided to give it a try, switch things up a little, and I love the result. I think I will be wearing this one around a lot!

#29aI have not had a chance to block this scarf, seeing as I really don’t know how to. The scarf if for my own use, and when I wear it like in the picture you really can’t tell that the edge curls up. Perhaps when I get back home I will invest in a couple of wires and block it out. But until then I will love wearing it as it is.

Have a nice day everyone! xx

#3 first shawl love

#22aHello everyone! I am really excited to share this project – it was my first shawl ever and it turned out beautifully! The pattern is called Kevät-shawl by Ziina and can be found in ravelry for free. The patterns is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and it starts with only 3 stitches, which was nice. I liked working my way to the top – it was a little bit of a challenge I admit. I forgot to add stitches a couple of times, but only noticed my mistake much later. Then, after trying to ‘cheat fix’ my way through, I decided that I could not let my shawl have a mistake in it. (Also, I know the mistake is there and it will continue to bother me for the rest of the project). Thus, I had to undo several hours of work … several times.

Kitty cat Blu was not too impressed my my progress

Kitty cat Blu was not too impressed by my progress

#22cIt was a lovely project to practice a lace pattern and to make a traingle project. What I loved most was casting off all the stitches and seeing how big the triangle actually was, and it becomes hard to tell when the stitches are squeezed close together on the circular needles. And then once you have cast everything off … the patterns just shines and I fell in love. The colour of the yarn is gorgeous, autumn red, and it goes really well with the pattern I think. I also like the size of the holes caused by the yarnovers. I used a size 7 instead of a size 9 needle, #22fand am very content with my choice. Now I have to figure out if I am ready to part with this lovely shawl. Maybe it will be a birthday present for someone someday? Maybe I’ll keep it for myself for those evenings spend outside reading a good book in spring or summer.