I less than three you

I’m so sorry guys! I was actually excited about posting something new, and then stuff got in the way and it never happened. The surprise is still in progress, even though it is confusing me and it’s becoming very frustrating … maybe I should have chosen a different second project.

Anyway, to make it up to everyone I made these little cuties for Valentine’s day. I hope everyone has lots of love in their lives; today as much as any other day. The hearts are semi-felted. They would look fuzzier if I had put them in the washing machine for another round, but there was no money left on the laundry card. They are very cute, and can even function as stress-balls. (I would know, as I have a statistics midterm tomorrow.)


Next week I don’t have school, so I am planning to knit a bunch and hopefully catch up with my projects. I was supposed to post project #3 tomorrow, but I won’t be able to make that deadline. I also don’t know what I will make yet. I’m thinking to crochet an infinity scarf; and we’ll see about the other projects. I will be on a plane for a bit, so if I start the infinity scarf tomorrow I can take my crochet hook aboard the plane. The pattern is very simple, but it makes for a nice warm scarf in the end.

Summary – stuff happens, but you have to catch up and make those deadlines (especially if you set them yourself!)



Come back soon 🙂