#7 pointy gloves

Hi everyone! I know it isn’t Tuesday yet where I am, but I will be on a 16hour flight throughout Tuesday and arriving at my destination on a Wednesday, so this will have to do. Let’s just pretend Monday is Tuesday this week.
glovesThese pair of gloves are awesome. I made up the pattern as I went (I can’t seem to read glove patterns), sticking my hand through the double pointed needles every so often to figure out the size I wanted. I also wanted to add a special something to my made up gloves, so I chose to make the fingertips purple. They are very cute, I like them a lot 😀 The way I decreased makes the top look very pointy, which I don’t mind – mom says they look like little daggers.

Happy crafting! 🙂

#12 wiggle your fingers

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday!
fingerless mittens This week I have been working on a couple (three pairs to be exact) of fingerless mittens. Another project on the double-pointed needles, I’m getting the hang of using them!

My mom had been asking if I could make her a pair of mittens, as it gets cold in Calgary. She said she would prefer a pair of fingerless mittens so she could take them to the barn and wear them while still being able to grasp things and use her fingers. I said “no problem”, not revealing that I had no idea how to go about making these mittens. Little did I know that ravelry has a huge selection of possible patterns, and so I stumbled upon a fairly simple one that I am now in love with. I casted on 32 stitches for the first fair (grey), but they turned out too big. Then I cast them on again with 28 stitches, and they are much more snug now. So I made mom a pair for the stables (grey) and another pair in superfun colors. The yarn was given to me by a friend for my birthday – and since mom loves red’s this was the perfect yarn for her. The last pair is made of bamboo yarn (blue). Last Christmas I made my best friend a headband in bamboo yarn, and so I thought it would be nice to give her a present this year that would match the headband. Fingerless mittens are great, but I would like to maybe also give her a pair of full mittens. I’m learning and fine-tuning my knitting skills, so maybe by the time Christmas rolls around I will be able to pull off fully-closed mittens. Maybe that will be my 2013 goal, haha!fingerless mittens

These were fun to make! I wonder what will be next …


#11 eleven, onze, elf

Hello again everyone — hope you are all having a lovely day 🙂

LegwarmersThis is my latest completed project – a pair of legwarmers. One of my friends transferred to a university in Montreal, and as it is a lot colder over there, so I thought it would be nice if I sent her something that would keep her warm during the winter months. When we were together in first-year, we attempted to knit legwarmers, going by a pattern we made up on the spot – the result of those knitting sessions did not turn out as nice as these legwarmers did. What’s really nice is that these legwarmers have a couple of subtle cables at the top, which makes it look more finished. It was a project that challenged me a little bit, as it had been a long time since I last knitted on double-pointed needles. Once you get going you get the hang of it though, and so the legwarmers went to class with me and took the bus on several occasions (you get really strange looks from people when you pull out 5 double-pointed needles and start doing was seems to be magic, haha). #11d

I really liked the yarn, it was a colour called ‘marble gray’ so it had little pieces of dark grey and brown in there. I find it’s always more interesting to knit with a yarn like that rather than a plain colour. And now I have successfully eliminated a yarn-ball and a half out of the pile of yarn I have stored in my room – making progress.

Another early Christmas gift finished, what will be next? Stay tuned …