#6 scallop hat

6a Hey everyone 🙂 Just a quick little post. This week I made two scallop hats in an attempt to do some stashbusting. I knew I would not have a whole lot of time to knit this week, so I only ended up making two of these. The picture shown is of the small hat (cast on 81 stitches), the adult one (cast on 96) looks exactly the same. Fun little pattern to work up – fast and easy. It was a good way to refresh holding back yarn and making the pattern.

Maybe for next week I should make something that is not a #hat …

Have a lovely week!

#2 a bunch of friends

Hello everyone, time for post number 2! I was cleaning up my room the other day and came across these guys, which I made in highschool. Now I take them to work and they are a great help in developing imaginary play skills. It’s been a while since I’ve done some amigurumi, maybe I should try and find the pattern again so I can make a couple more. Aren’t they cute?! Granted, it’s an old project of mine, but they deserve to be showcased. I remember feeling pretty proud of them when I made them in the learning-how-to-crochet days.

Have a lovely week everyone!

#5 for the little one



Project number 5 was completed this week. I was really excited about this project. I’ve been meaning to make these for a while, but I never truly had a reason. My roommate’s sister recently had a baby girl, so I had a recipient and a reason to make these booties 🙂 They turned out really nicely, I’m quite pleased. 

The completion was trickier then I thought it would be. I used double point needles, size 1 (which is the smallest size I have ever used), and there were some stitches that I had never done before. Luckily this week we had a meeting with the knitting club at school, so I could bombard the more advanced knitters with my questions. Then there was the matter of sewing on the buttons … Luckily one can watch tv and make time pass while pulling faces at your project. 

On to the next project … what will it be?