#13 brings good luck

When I say Tuesday you say blogday: Tuesday! Blogday! Tuesday! Blogday! Hello everyone 🙂


It’s November, and I am (just as many of you out there) working on Christmas presents. I hope to get them all done in time, but am not yet certain if that is going to be possible… there might be a few ‘belated Christmas presents’ this year.

This week I was working on a cowl for my 13 year old niece. She likes to wear funky things, and so I decided on making her a lovely cabled cowl. The cables were really fun, and the pattern was straight forward. I did have to break my rule and buy some more yarn to complete the project, but that is okay. I wore the cowl for a couple of minutes and I can tell the cowl will really keep her warm, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Cables always seem to make the project a bit more dense and warm. cowl

According to my ‘list’ there are about 9 more Christmas gifts that I should knit … looking at the list makes me a little hopeless. BUT there are a few small projects in there so hopefully with some dedication I can pull it off – and reduce my yarn stash in the process 🙂 It would be lovely to go on a ‘post Christmas’ yarn buying spree 😀

Have a lovely week!

#3 – cabled cowl

Hello again,

I was super excited last week that I actually posted something on a Friday. Today is Sunday, but I am still excited to share the result of project #3. As said, I worked a little bit with cables and made a cowl, one of the round scarves that are really comfortable and warm. I like the way the project turned out; I’m in love with the darkblue colour of the yarn. I also used size 7 needles, so there are no large holes through which the wind or rain could creep in. I wish I had made the cowl a little bit wider, so it would fall more loosely, although this tight fit does give extra warmth.



It was a fun project, though cables require a lot of effort on my part. It seems like it makes it harder to concentrate on the television show you are watching; the fear of cables and dropping a stitch have joined forces against me.

So that was two scarves in a row, what should be next?