#6 scallop hat

6a Hey everyone 🙂 Just a quick little post. This week I made two scallop hats in an attempt to do some stashbusting. I knew I would not have a whole lot of time to knit this week, so I only ended up making two of these. The picture shown is of the small hat (cast on 81 stitches), the adult one (cast on 96) looks exactly the same. Fun little pattern to work up – fast and easy. It was a good way to refresh holding back yarn and making the pattern.

Maybe for next week I should make something that is not a #hat …

Have a lovely week!

One thought on “#6 scallop hat

  1. Leah says:

    Hello, I have just nominated you and your beautiful creations for the Liebster Award, if you’re interested, have a look @ https://grazielaleahknitsandcrochets.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/of-parrots-coffee-liebster-nomination/ Have a nice week ~

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