#1 of 2014 – the last Christmas present

hat gogo Hello again 🙂 It’s Tuesday and I can post the last present of the 2013 Christmas batch. This one was a hat I made for my grandmother who lives in France. She likes to garden and be outdoors, so I thought it would be nice to make her a hat. It is very simple, a rib 3×3 to start and then simply knit around on round needles. I made the hat extra long so that the rib 3×3 part could be folded over and provide extra warmth around the ears. I was planning to sew the ribbed part onto the hat. but decided against it in the end. The yarn was fun to work with, it was a wool blend which was nice and warm. I also loved the colours – and so did grandma! 🙂

#20dThis was the first year that I attempted to knit and crochet the majority of my Christmas gifts. I really enjoyed it and think I will repeat the process for next year. 2014 here i come! (Although I should probably start a little early and thus avoid some of the stress – I’ll put that on my list of resolutions). In total I made 7 Christmas gifts (12 if you include the charity hat) and I am really pleased 😀 Can’t wait for what the next year will bring.

Have a wonderful, crafty, warm Tuesday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “#1 of 2014 – the last Christmas present

  1. That hat is very pretty! I know what you mean about the “last minute” stress. I started in July knitting/crocheting gifts and still felt rushed in December to complete them (and still have a half-made sweater that will need to wait to next Christmas. 🙂 ). I love giving handmade gifts for Christmas though. Feels more personal somehow.

  2. erdeiemi says:

    These colours are wonderful. The hat is beautiful 🙂 Congratulations.

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