#18 made up fingers

glovesI know I know, it’s not Tuesday. On Tuesday I kept on thinking “I must find internet and post something.” Alas, I was too busy visiting family to update the blog, but so I will pretend that today (Saturday) is Tuesday and#18a that I am right on schedule 🙂

This project was requested by the boyfriend, a pair of gloves that would keep his hands warm during the carride to work in the early mornings. So of to work I #18bwent, having no clue what I was doing and writing things down as I went. After finishing the first one and being happy with it, I repeated my scribbles and here we are – a finished pair of gloves that fit his hands! I like them a lot, and after all the struggles I had I remind him to wear them every once in a while. 😉 (The colours on the pictures don’t seem to match, the colour was dark grey and resembles the first and last pictures best).

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!! Bye for now xx

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