#17 Christmas Charity

charity hats charity hats Hello everyone! It’s later than usual, but where I am it is still Tuesday. Today has been an exhausting day; I had 2 finals and had to pack up my stuff to go home for Christmas. All is done and over now, so I have time to write this post. Last year the knitting club at my university paired up with a local Vancouver charity – so we made them a couple of hats and mittens to add some spark to someone in need’s Christmas. I love giving people knitted things, but it feels almost better when you know that they truly appreciate and that it brings a smile to their face (and keeps them warm). Due to finals and everything else, I was only able to contribute 5 hats, but I quite like them. 3 of them are simple crochet hats with earflaps and a nice border. The other two were knitted on double-pointed needles and should fit a toddler. These were stash-eaters and kept me busy during my breaks in between studying – a healthy way to distract myself from the stress of university exam season.

Back to Christmas knitting 🙂   NO MORE FINALS!!

3 thoughts on “#17 Christmas Charity

  1. aurumeve says:

    Congrats on getting through finals, I like your work 🙂
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

  2. draclet says:

    Oh, where did you find the pattern for the (cable knit?) Twisty strawberry colored hat? I love it, and would love to make one for my friends’ little girl. (You saw the trouble I’m having with my pattern-less one, right? 🙂 )

  3. nikske1993 says:

    Hi draclet 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have a pattern for the hat – I made that pattern up as I went. I think I cast on 48 stitches on size 7 needles, ribbed the beginning 2×2 and then did rows of k4 p4 – cabling the k4 every 5 rows or so. Hope that helps! If not I could try to write it out and email it to you if you would like 🙂

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