#12 wiggle your fingers

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday!
fingerless mittens This week I have been working on a couple (three pairs to be exact) of fingerless mittens. Another project on the double-pointed needles, I’m getting the hang of using them!

My mom had been asking if I could make her a pair of mittens, as it gets cold in Calgary. She said she would prefer a pair of fingerless mittens so she could take them to the barn and wear them while still being able to grasp things and use her fingers. I said “no problem”, not revealing that I had no idea how to go about making these mittens. Little did I know that ravelry has a huge selection of possible patterns, and so I stumbled upon a fairly simple one that I am now in love with. I casted on 32 stitches for the first fair (grey), but they turned out too big. Then I cast them on again with 28 stitches, and they are much more snug now. So I made mom a pair for the stables (grey) and another pair in superfun colors. The yarn was given to me by a friend for my birthday – and since mom loves red’s this was the perfect yarn for her. The last pair is made of bamboo yarn (blue). Last Christmas I made my best friend a headband in bamboo yarn, and so I thought it would be nice to give her a present this year that would match the headband. Fingerless mittens are great, but I would like to maybe also give her a pair of full mittens. I’m learning and fine-tuning my knitting skills, so maybe by the time Christmas rolls around I will be able to pull off fully-closed mittens. Maybe that will be my 2013 goal, haha!fingerless mittens

These were fun to make! I wonder what will be next …


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