Infinitely number two

We made it! A post on a Friday! Granted, I only got one project done, but it feels like I am back on track. This week’s project was an infinity scarf. It’s a pretty simple pattern, something that can easily be done in a car or (as it is crochet – and thus the hook doesn’t set off security alarms) in a plane. I used a 4.50mm crochet hook; it gives a nice effect and the holes are not too big. I’ve made scarves like this before, and they are really comfortable. It’s a standard colour, and I’m hoping it will find a home soon. 


In the picture you can see my ‘marker’ sticking out. I don’t have ‘real’ stitchmarkers – instead I use coloured paperclips. They do a marvelous job and brighten up the project while working on it. Maybe it’s silly, but sometimes silly works. 


Onto the next project … I’m thinking of maybe knitting a cowl with a nice pattern on it. Maybe I’ll do some experimenting with cables… Is it obvious that I don’t really know what the next project will be yet? 

Bye for now … 



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