#1, 51 more to go

Hello there 🙂

So week 1 has flown by, and here I am … about to post about my first project. As I had mentioned before, my first project was a beanie for my friend. It turned out well I think, and I’m sure it will keep her ears warm in this Vancouver weather.

The pattern was simple enough, repeated 2knit 1purl. Over and over and over and over again, 2knit 1 purl. Then it was time to model the hat – which apparently meant stretch the yarn over the needles and drop a stitch all the way down. First project, first little heart-attack. But we survived, and the result turned out nice. On to the next

I’ve been browsing the internet for inspiration for the coming 51 weeks, and it’s hard to decide what to work on next. I found a cute pattern that I chose for project two. I would tell you, but it’s a surprise. 

ImageImage  PROJECT #1

2 thoughts on “#1, 51 more to go

  1. Bob says:

    i think i like your model as much as the beany 🙂

  2. Barb says:

    Great job. More than I could ever do in knitting. : )

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